Images for web, print & bespoke

Break away from using expensive, generic stock images!

Show your customers what makes your jewellery business unique; show your customers your exclusive designs! Alongside your 3D model, I can produce high-resolution images suitable for use online and in print advertising.

Sometimes a client can find it hard to visualise how a bespoke piece is going to turn out. Using 3D models, images and videos as effective presentation tools helps your client to confirm exactly how their custom piece will look, before you commence production.

Images can be produced to your specifications:

  • high resolution
  • multiple file types
  • separate layers (metal, stones, shadows, reflections, backgrounds)
  • multiple colour options (different metals and stones)
  • transparent background
  • background which ties in with your branding
  • watermarking
  • add your logo to images
  • square images suited for social media feeds
  • videos for promotional use online also available

If you’d like to enquire about high quality images and videos of your jewellery designs, get in touch!