3D models for casting

Turn your design into a 3D model, ready to print and cast!

I can work from your design sketches, sample images or even an item that’s already made. Once your design has been transformed into a 3D model, you will receive draft images for approval, before your casting files are produced.

Files will be prepared in line with the specifications of the casting company of your choice. You will receive the .STL files to keep and reuse as you wish.

Models can be prepared for subsequent rubber mould production, enabling you to produce multiples of your design with increased speed, reduced cost and higher profit for you!

All design materials (design ideas, sketches, sample photos, mood boards, web links, paper and magazine clippings, etc.) are held in the strictest confidence. Designs submitted must be your own intellectual property, and as such, all model requests are accepted in good faith. Your design materials and the resulting STL files and rendered images and videos will never be provided to anyone else, or used for any other purpose.

If you’d like to discuss turning a design idea into a reality, get in touch!