CAD Jewellery Design Service

Riona Finn Jewellery CAD rendered image of two large dress rings positioned on a branded mirrored turntable

CAD designer and award-winning goldsmith offering castable 3D models, photo-realistic images and videos suitable for web and print.

I am experienced at designing and assembling cast jewellery. I am happy to work to your specifications, or if needed, I can guide you through the process to successfully produce a high quality item with a quick turnaround and reduce your material costs. I work with the most up-to-date modelling and rendering technologies: MatrixGold and Maverick Studio.

Producing computer aided designs to revive old jewellery / remount sentimental stones is a speciality!

Based in Dublin, Ireland. Offering computer aided design services to the jewellery retail trade and designers nationwide and internationally. All consultations carried out remotely.