Design & Manufacturing Consultancy

Do you have a jewellery design or idea that you would like to bring to market, but don’t know how to go about it?

Allow me to offer my expert advice! With many years of experience in the Irish jewellery industry, I will share my design skills, my practical manufacturing knowledge, and my personal connections to bring your dream to life.

Perhaps you don’t have a specific design yet, but have a theme or a concept you would like to translate into a piece of jewellery. I offer personalised design consultancy, producing a selection of workable bespoke designs to suit your brand, your market and your price point.

Designs may be purchased as a once-off; you would own the design and have exclusive use in perpetuity. Designs may also be licensed for a fixed period. This arrangement is subject to an intellectual property agreement.

All design materials (design ideas, sketches, sample photos, mood boards, web links, paper and magazine clippings, etc.) are held in the strictest confidence. Designs submitted must be your own intellectual property, and as such, all model requests are accepted in good faith. Your design materials and the resulting STL files and rendered images and videos will never be provided to anyone else, or used for any other purpose.

This specific consultancy service is offered on a strictly trade basis: retail jewellers, jewellery designers, jewellery manufacturers, independent goldsmiths, trade workshops and related industries.

However, I am happy to also offer a bespoke jewellery commission service, producing one-of-a-kind heirlooms, to non-trade clients.

If you’d like to enquire about design and manufacturing consultancy, get in touch!